Adobe After Effects Explosion Visual Effects 101 – How To Blow Stuff Up

Learn how to create awesome Explosion Effects for your video projects in Adobe After Effects! It only takes a few additional steps to go from ‘stock footage glued badly over video’ to ‘OMG, that was amazing!’ and this video will show you how!

You can find a detailed written version of this tutorial with step by step instructions on my website:

Great Looking Explosions In Adobe After Effects

1. Prepare your footage and create a knockback effect
2. Add objects that are being flung away by the explosion
3. Add the explosion stock footage and blend it in
4. Add lighting
5. Create a shockwave effect to increase impact
6. Add camera shake

The explosion stock footage I used is from ‘Action Essentials 2’ package by VideoCopilot, which I can highly recommend if you have $99 to spend.

Otherwise you can find some free stock footage online at

All sound effects are either recorded by me or are available at
under the Creative Commons 0 license

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