How to Bend a Soccer Ball – Free Kick Tutorial by freekickerz

In this video I’ll show you how to do the Curve Free Kick like Beckham, Suarez & Özil but you can easily learn it too! TutorialThursday Vol.14 feat. JPdestro ►
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Featuring “JPdestro” Vol. 14:

From JPdestro:
A lot of people had been asking me to do a freekick tutorial. Here it is !!
Hope it helps some of you to bend the ball “like beckham” and hope you guys enjoy this video. Dont forget to leave some feedback and comment on what would you like to see next.
Thanks for all your support.

Btw dont watch my right arm when i kick !! 😛
My arm those that because i twist my hip fast to get more spin on the ball. This in combination with stopping your leg as soon as posible and swinging your foot to the left will help you get crazy bends/curves on the ball.


1. Boeboe – Negative Roi

2. Song: Anarch – Agent 00
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