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This video will show you how to build a website with WordPress in 2014, step by step without missing any steps! You don’t need to know any html coding or need to have any previous web design experience to build an AMAZING website using WordPress. If you were to have a web designer build this website for you, you would be looking at paying around $1000 for it! If you build your website using this tutorial it will cost you around $12 to get started! So if you are ready to build WordPress, let’s build it together!

If you have any questions about building websites using WordPress, just send us a message over at and we will try our best to help you.

Steps Outlined in this Tutorial Video –

1. Setting Up Hosting.
2. Setting Up A Domain Name.
3. Installing WordPress on your new hosting account.
4. Logging into WordPress and changing your Password.
5. Changing your WordPress theme. (Customizr Theme).
6. Adding A Page with Text and an Image.
7. Adding A Page with a Video (embedded from YouTube).
8. Adding A Page with a Contact Form on it so visitors can send you a message
(which will be sent as an email).
9. Changing the Home Page (including CTA buttons, or “Call To Action” buttons).
10. Adding your own Logo and Tagline.
11. Changing all of the necessary settings so your website runs smoothly.

Thank-You very much for watching our video, we hope you enjoyed it and more importantly we hope that it taught you how to build a website with WordPress!

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How To Build A Website with WordPress 2014

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