How to: Make a home made camera glidetrack

Got really interested in using a glidetrack when I saw examples of use here on Vimeo. However, the price tag was not within the present video budget.

Given the idea, and given that I usually have a few odd materials tucked away for a rainy day, I set about finding out if I could make something similar for a very low price. The result is in the video, and nothing was bought for this project making it really low price. I might later change the camera head base plate for plywood and to varnish parts to make it more weatherworthy. It is also slightly noisy, something that either could be dampened or sound taken on-camera will be affected.

The photos show version II with an improved cart using a plexiglass base. The rail has 3 inset 3/8″ nuts set in epoxy to allow easy and direct attatchment to standard tripod screws. It allows either a centered or one each end configuration giving increased stability. I’ve also shown direct attatchment to tripod stem with head used on the cart, or mounted on the tropod head with camera mounted directly on the cart.

Initial tests are promising, and I’d be surprised if you won’t see scenes made with this track in later videos.

Category: Film