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I often get asked how to mount and balance a tire with tools at home and the truth is that’s WAYYY too hard. It’s much better and easier to use the equipment that was designed for it. In this video I show exactly that, how to use the proper equipment to mount and balance a tire. It’s not terribly exciting but I do show some things that are necessary when performing this work on an aluminum wheel. You MUST clean the bead area before you mount a new tire onto an aluminum wheel or else it will forever leak at the bead. I say this because all too often I see a tire that leaks air that’s just been installed where the rim was not cleaned. Enough of my soap box. Also this video only covers the ‘basic’ tire mount and balance. When it comes to low profile or large tires it’s a bit more complicated. As far as tires go these are pretty easy and straightforward.

I’d like to thank my friend Scott Armstrong for his assistance and for letting us film in his garage. If you’re in the Cincinnati area and looking for auto repair work I suggest you contact him as he’s a heck of a mechanic.

Armstrong Automotive: 513-939-3903

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