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Make your romance an affair to remember with a surprise marriage proposal. These ideas will help you catch your love off guard.

Step 1: Tell no one.
Tell no one. Even if friends and family don’t slip up with words, they could give away the surprise with their behavior. If you need help with your surprise proposal, ask people who don’t know your intended.

Step 2: Make it random
Propose during an unplanned moment — a random day at a nothing-special location that holds no meaning for either of you. It’s an easy way to pull off a surprise marriage proposal — they won’t be expecting it!

Step 3: Time it
Plan a romantic evening or weekend getaway — something that has “wedding proposal” written all over it — and then pop the question the day after you’re back.

Step 4: Be creative
Be creative. Make an online video proposal and have a friend send the link, saying it’s a hysterical video they’ve got to watch. Or try a twist on the restaurant proposal: Arrange for the server to bring dinner on a plate that has ‘Will You Marry Me?’ me written on it. The message will slowly reveal itself as your future spouse makes their way through their meal.

90 percent of women surveyed do not want to be proposed to at a sports event via Jumbotron.

Step 5: Incorporate it
Incorporate your proposal into their daily routine. A marriage proposal will be the last thing on their mind, so it’s sure to be a surprise. Good luck!

Did You Know?
1 in 4 women hated the way their fiancé proposed to them, according to a survey.

How to Pull Off a Surprise Marriage Proposal

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