www.Repairsuniverse.com – Break the screen on your iPad Air? Learn how to take apart and replace a broken glass touch screen or LCD screen on your iPad Air yourself using this repair guide. The helpful repair techs at Repairs Universe walk you through the tear down process if the iPad Air and show you the steps needed to properly install a brand new LCD or Touch Screen Digitizer.

To find all of the parts and tools you need to fix your iPad Air Visit:

White Glass Touch Screen:

Black Glass Touch Screen:


Prying up the Touch Screen – 0:28

Removing the LCD Screen – 3:14

Disconnecting the Flex Cables – 4:18

Where to Apply New Adhesive – 5:28

Connecting a New Touch Screen – 6:20

Installing a New LCD Screen – 7:20

Final Re-Assembly – 9:20

iPad Air Screen Replacement Repair Guide

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