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MR. BIG guitarist Paul Gilbert has launched a new online school of rock guitar lessons, and he recently spoke with Guitar World about the venture. An excerpt is available below:

Q: Can anyone — even absolute beginners — enroll, or is there an audition process of some sort?

Gilbert: “Everyone has to start somewhere! I certainly didn’t sound great when I first started playing, and I remember all my guitar teachers, both good and bad, and what it felt like to struggle with even the simplest of things. So I actually begin my course by playing the guitar left-handed. I’m right-handed, of course, so when I play left-handed, I’m immediately transported back to my first day as a guitarist. I wanted to make sure to have that as a starting point. At the same time, because all the lessons are so connected to each other, I actually recommend that even the more advanced players start at the beginning. They may be surprised at what they learn, and if nothing else, they can enjoy watching me try to play left-handed!”

Q: How would you describe your teaching method?

Gilbert: “My teaching method is mostly inspired by teaching people one-on-one. I’ve certainly enjoyed doing clinic tours for larger audiences, but the most valuable teaching experience has been the hundreds of lessons that I’ve given where I can hear the students play. This gives me a very specific idea of what guitarists are interested in, and what techniques they need to focus on. I gave over 100 lessons right before I filmed all the videos for this course, just so I could ‘take the temperature’ of the guitarists out there. If there is a general method, it would just be focusing on smaller and smaller parts of a phrase or technique until it becomes easy to play. Then after the student practices it enough to make it indestructible, they’re ready to add something on. This way, the student always feels confident about whatever they’re playing. And confidence is where good sounds come from.”

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