Startup Marketing Q&A with Donatas Jonikas, PhD

Question and answer session with Donatas Jonikas (PhD), the author of Startup Evolution Curve
( – marketing manual for startups)

00:05 How long does it take to build a successful startup?
00:59 How to scale your team? What would be the key people to start?
02:35 How to share the equity? What is the wisest way?
04:43 What is the advertising budget for successful crowdfunding campaign?
06:44 How to avoid somebody stealing your idea?
08:46 What is difference between viral and paid engine of growth?
09:33 What to do if you develop two startups at a time?
10:07 How did you succeed to attract so many startups into your research?
10:51 Have you estimated a demand for your book before writing it?
11:55 What is the right time to quit your job and start a startup? Is it possible to have both?

Startup Evolution Curve ( is a startup marketing manual based on global research of 1,447 startups and nearly 500 in-depth interviews. This practical book was highly evaluated by 30 international experts.