♻ How To Make Recycled Pop Tab Jewelry – Craft Tutorial 13 (Soda Tab Bracelet Tutorial)

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EDIT @ 10:31 in the video. (When you finally finish the entire length of the bracelet and you go to cut the loop at the beginning tab make sure to pull the two strings behind the tab so they aren’t laying over it. Sorry for missing that!)

■ You need to use stretchable cord for this bracelet to function properly.

You will need to know how to do the BOX or BARREL stitch in order to successfully make this with flexrex or other stretchable cord.

Box ‘n Barrel Tutorial:

NOTE: Mostly all the items below can be found at the craft store.

◘ MATERIALS: Soda Tabs (cleaned w/ sharp edges filed down) Flex Rex, Superglue Gel.

OPTIONAL DANGLES: Paper Beads and Headpins. (You may want some filler beads to encase the paper beads so they don’t slide off the headpin.) You will need round nosed pliers/cutters/flat nosed pliers to trim and shape the headpins.



This is how to make the paper beads:

This is how to attach the paper beads to the pop tabs:

(NOTE: You won’t need to poke the holes for the earring hooks. Just poke the bottom hole on the larger part of the tab where the V is indented in the metal.)


1. Make the beads and put them on headpins then set them aside.

2. Poke holes in half the tabs you will be using- you want the ones with the holes on the front of your bracelet.

3. String up your bracelet with the tabs that have holes on the same side. Preferably the front of the bracelet.

4. After assembling and closing the bracelet fully simply add on the dangles and viola- a recycled chandelier dangle bracelet!

Q: “Why can’t you just add the dangle before assembling?”

A: You can put the dangles on right away if you’d like but they can be quite cumbersome and get in the way while you try to weave your string through the holes. It’s tricky enough without little stems getting the strings wrapped around them!

To keep my sanity in check I poke the holes and just assemble the entire bracelet (with the holes on the front) then when I’m finished I use a pair of pliers to stick the dangle decor on. Much easier process IMO.




•Small – 6 1/2 to 7 inch bracelet – 24 tabs and 34″ cord.

•Medium – 7 to 7 1/2 inch bracelet – 26 tabs and 36″ cord.

•Large – 8 to 8 1/2 inch bracelets – 28 tabs and 37″ cord.

•X-Large – 8 1/2 to 9 inch bracelet – 30 tabs and 40″ cord.

These are approximate sizes only. You may need to adjust it by a few tabs to fit your own custom wrist size if you are smaller/larger than average. Chances are if you use the smallest (7 inch) it will still fit since you are able to ‘scrunch’ the bracelet to make it fit a bit more snug.

You may also want to bump the cord length up about three or so inches if you are new to “BOX and BARREL” lanyard knots so you have longer tails to work with. Them being short makes it a bit harder to finish them. Once you get the hang of it the above lengths should be fine, though.



This was requested a ton. I wasn’t 100% sure about filling the request because it is quite difficult to explain since the strings are weaving all which ways. Up, down, slanted, etc.

If you don’t understand I’m sorry. I had to edit and redo this video 10+ times because even I (the “BRACELET MASTER”) kept goofing on the process so if you don’t understand keep the rage at a minimal amount please. Just laugh at the fact this video took 10 or so hours of my life that I’ll never get back and move along. =3



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