Advice for Parents: Positive Parenting Style

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Watch as Parents Magazine gives advice for parents on the positive parenting style! Being a positive parent, as explained by Dr. Ari Brown means being authoritative–like a democracy with mom and dad having the final say. Positive parents value mutual respect, responding to their child’s needs while being nurturing, but they know how to get kids to follow rules and be good listeners. Positive parenting encourages cooperation with parental guidance; they may say “I understand how you feel” to their child and “let’s figure out a way to make us both happy.” Setting up rules and being both consistent and fair are basics of the positive parenting style. Sticking to boundaries fosters independence and self-control for kids. Using non-physical discipline in child rearing turns a child’s mistake into a teaching moment. They do not believe in spanking. Numerous studies have shown kids who grow up with positive parents have higher self-esteem and are better at taking personal responsibility compared to those parents who don’t set reasonable, nurturing guidelines for parenting children.

Positive discipline means you respect, listen, and reward good behavior with love. Follow these eight points to teach kids right from wrong.

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