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Some of my videos:

♥Nail Art #1 “Polka Dot”:

♥”Turquoise” Nail art #2:

♥DIY: Flower Glass Container:

♥DIY Bird stand (small):

♥DIY Personalized Coasters:

♥DIY Beer Cap Frame (Magnetic):

♥DIY: Cupcake Jar:

♥DIY: Baby Wipe Travel Case:

♥DIY: Brush Holder:

♥DIY: Easy and fast way to clean used candle jars:

♥DIY: “Hello Kitty” Ribbon Bow:

♥DIY Glitter Phone Charger:

♥DIY: Chevron Picture Frame:

♥DIY: Baby Shower Gift Basket:

♥DIY Video Ideas:

♥DIY: Wall Art (Button Letter Craft):

♥DIY:Glitter Wall Plates:

♥DIY: Wrapped Wine & Beer Bottles:

♥How to: Remove M.A.C palette insert:

♥DIY Makeup Storage (Organizer):

♥DIY Wall Art (Great for bedrooms, dorms, and offices):

♥How I Clean & Dry Makeup Brushes:

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. All opinions are my own. I purchased everything myself.

I use iMovie to edit my videos.

DIY: Two Dollar store Crafts

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