This presentation will be a practical demonstration on how to remotely attack and take full control of an aircraft, exposing some of the results of my three years research on the aviation security field.

The attack performed will follow the classical methodology, divided in discovery, information gathering, exploitation and post-exploitation phases. The complete attack will be accomplished remotely, without needing physical access to the target aircraft at any time, and a testing laboratory will be used to attack virtual airplanes systems.

ADS-B and ACARS protocols will be used during the discovery and information gather phases, but none of those protocols are the objective of this research, I will just use them to plot and analyze the potential targets. Very basic information on such protocols will be displayed as well as additional references for further reading. The real target of the attacks will be some on-board systems, complex enough to be vulnerable to (almost) common vulnerability research and exploitation techniques. Different post-exploitation vectors will finally be considered in order to gain better aircraft control.


Hugo Teso works as a security consultant at n.runs AG in Germany. He has been working on IT security for the last 11 years, mainly in Spain. Also being a commercial pilot, it was just a matter of time before he focused his attention on aviation security. Together with the development of some open source projects, like Inguma and Bokken, he has spent a lot of time on aviation security research and has presented some of the results in conferences like RootedCon.

#HITB2013AMS D1T1 Hugo Teso – Aircraft Hacking: Practical Aero Series

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