Soccer Tricks – The Best Soccer Tricks To Develop Your Skills – Here are some soccer tricks you can use to impress your friends. Soccer tricks are a great way to improve your technical skill and ball mastery.

If you want to become a master of the ball, spend 10-20 minutes everyday working on your soccer tricks. However, you must realize that these tricks will not be effective on the soccer field.

Soccer Tricks — The Best Soccer Tricks To Develop Your Skills

Soccer Tricks – #1
The pancake is one of the easiest soccer tricks to learn and great for developing body awareness as well. Try the pancake with your toe, inside, and outside of both of your feet.

Soccer Tricks – #2
The stall is a great trick that can be used with many different parts of the body. Try to stall the ball with your feet, ankles, knees, chest, back, and head.

Soccer Tricks – #3
This soccer trick is called a Milkshake. First you hit the ball with your right foot, followed by your right thigh, right shoulder, head, then down your left side (shoulder, thigh, foot).

Soccer Tricks – #4:
The rainbow is a very popular soccer trick that you’ve probably seen before. Follow my simple to use directions and you will be able to do this trick in no time.

Soccer Tricks – #5
The first intermediate trick that you will try is called an around the world (or atw). You kick the ball up and take the same foot around the ball, reaching it before it hits the ground. Watch and learn.

Soccer Tricks – #6
This trick involves a behind the back heel touch, followed by an atw (around the world). This move requires timing, technique, and flexibility.

Soccer Tricks – #7
Hop the world is a very difficult trick to master. That just means you’ll be much more satisfied when you figure it out. Watch the slow motion replays to really break down this trick.

Soccer Tricks – #8
The last trick in this video is the is a two part move. It involves a pancake and a spinning back heel. This trick is a bit difficult so really watch it in slow motion before you try.

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